10 Common Symptoms of Thyroid Issues

10 Common Symptoms of Thyroid Issues

10 Common Symptoms of Thyroid Issues

Our thyroid is a tiny, butterfly-shaped gland in our throat that controls our metabolism and a lot of other functions in our body, so when our thyroid doesn’t function as it should, neither will we!

So, what are the symptoms of a thyroid that isn’t functioning properly? Of course, you should go and get a blood test to be sure, but there are symptoms that are common when our thyroid isn’t functioning properly, like:

Trouble regulating your temperature
Weight loss/gain
Feeling unusually tired
Hair loss
Dry skin and hair
Irregular menstrual periods
Rapid heartbeat

Trouble Regulating Your Temperature

Our thyroids are an integral part of controlling our metabolism, which in part controls our body’s ability to regulate our temperature.

When our thyroid isn’t functioning properly, this can make it hard for us to get and stay warm and we don’t tolerate cold as well.

Weight Loss/Gain

If you’re finding it hard to lose weight or lost weight without trying to, this can be another sign that your thyroid might not be functioning properly.

Feeling Unusually Tired

It’s normal to feel tired from time to time, but it’s not normal to feel like you need a nap all the time. Take this symptom seriously.

Hair Loss

Again, it’s normal to lose a little bit of hair in our comb or hairbrush, but if you’re noticing more than usual or even bald patches on your head, this just might be a sign your thyroid isn’t functioning properly.


We all have a bad day here and there and it’s human to be a little cranky once in a while. If you notice a pattern of this or if it seems out of proportion, then you’ll want to find out why.

Dry Skin and Hair

This symptom is hard to tie directly to a thyroid issue, but if it’s paired with one or more of these other symptoms, it’s worth considering that it may be.

Irregular Menstrual Periods

This is another tricky one because it also may be due to other hormonal imbalances or PCOS. It still should be taken seriously, no matter whether irregular periods are due to a thyroid issue or another reason.


Since the thyroid is such a major organ, despite being so tiny, it can affect our hormones that regulate our mood too.


We all forget something here and there, but if it becomes a regular occurance, I can see why this can be worrying.

If your body is working hard to compensate for an organ not functioning properly, it can take energy from other organs.

This can affect your brain as well, since it also has to compensate and work harder to redirect signals.

Rapid Heart Beat

This symptom should be taken very seriously, whether it’s a thyroid issue or not. You might want to ask about getting your potassium levels checked as well if your doctor doesn’t recommend it themself.

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