2022 Is All About You

Make 2022 all about you

2022 Is All About You

How to Start Taking Better Care of Your Health

The New Year is rolling full steam ahead, but some of us aren’t exactly jumping for joy at the thought of setting resolutions. For some of us, a new year brings excitement and adventure. For others, it brings disappointment and stress.

Well, this year really can be your year. No, we mean it! This time, the difference is that you’re not going to be listening to that little voice in your head saying you need to work harder, look better, and impress people you don’t really care about with things you don’t really need.

This year, you’re going to be listening to your body.


Looking In the Rear-view Mirror

Before we start powering ahead, we need to take a minute to look at some of things that didn’t work out last year. Did you try to lose some weight and end up binging every weekend? Did your anxiety keep you from trying new things? Why are you depressed? Why haven’t you learned how to stop being so tired?


Identifying The Speedbumps That Held You Back

Now that you know what didn’t work for you in 2021, you can start thinking about what these things all have in common. By listening to what your body is trying to tell you, you can start looking at the real underlying causes that are leaving your feeling unsatisfied, unhealthy, and seriously unimpressed with your progress for the year.


Asking The Real Questions

Thrive Functional Wellness Center is here to help you ask the “why” and “what if’s” that you’ve been ignoring. Knowing why you might not have taken action yet is a valuable part of changing your habits. Understanding why you want to change in the first place is the starting point to planning how you’ll reach your goals. Your “why’s” are the determining factors to the “how’s” that you need to follow!


Check Your Engine Light

You need to truly listen to what your body is trying to tell you if you want to start taking better care of your health, planning for your future, and enjoying the present moment with more energy and positivity! Check in with yourself and how you’re feeling, and start aligning your mindset with what you want to achieve.


Set A Roadmap

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going first. With Thrive Functional Wellness Center, you’ll learn how to create achievable goals – like eating healthy meals four times a week or going for a walk every Wednesday – and stick to them. With the right mindset, you can start putting yourself, your health, and your happiness first.


Call For Help When You Need It

You don’t have to do it alone! Book a free discovery call with Thrive Functional Wellness Center today and let us give you the testing, support, and guidance you need and deserve to make 2022 for you!

Lorrie Rappe
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