Empty Nest? Here’s How to Keep Your Spirits Soaring

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Empty Nest? Here’s How to Keep Your Spirits Soaring

Join the 12 Week Empty Nester Course

Are you a current or soon-to-be empty nester that just can’t seem to shake the feeling that there’s something missing? This 12-week course will give you the tools, insights, and guidance you need to let go, prioritize yourself, and start this new phase of your life with excitement – not fear!

What On Earth Is Empty Nester Syndrome?

Parents whose young ones have officially flown the coop are known as empty nesters. The home or nest that was once filled with beloved chaos now suddenly seems quiet, which could lead to feelings of stress, loneliness, resentment, and even fear for you and your kids’ future.

What We’ll Learn About

Week 1. Learning More About Yourself

What are the things you care about? What makes you tick?

Week 2. Changing Your Mindset

Reshape the way you think and feel about being an empty nester.

Week 3. Focusing on Self-care

Start placing yourself first for once.

Week 4. Managing Your Stress

Cut down on the anxiety, stress, and unease with real-life guidance.

Week 5. Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food

Over- or under-eating are common side effects of stress and anxiety. Here’s how to avoid them.

Week 6. Organizing Your Kitchen

Take a hard look at what to keep and what to toss.

Week 7. Creating an Organized Office or Home Workspace

Create a more productive and inspiring space.

Week 8. Developing New Sleep Routines

Get the rest you need to focus on your priorities.

Week 9. Creating New Exercise & Movement Routines

Staying active is an integral part of being happier and healthier.

Week 10. Building Healthy Relationships

Learn that your network extends outside of your immediate family.

Week 11. Overcoming Obstacles, Roadblocks and Triggers

Start identifying, avoiding, and treating the triggers that might be blocking you from real growth.

Week 12. Reflecting on Your Transformation

Take a look at how far you’ve come and congratulate yourself for your dedication, bravery, and sheer determination to put yourself first.

It’s Time to Stop Taking Care of Everyone Else…

…And Start Taking Care of YOU.

As an empty nester, it’s often easy to forget that you were a whole, interesting person before becoming a parent. If your needs, dreams, and goals have been taking a backseat to your kids, then now is the perfect time to start exploring, experimenting, and discovering a new phase of your adult life.

What You’ll Get

When You Sign Up for This Empty Nester Course

You’re not just getting advice – you’re getting real, personal guidance from someone who’s been through exactly what you’re facing, more than once!

As a part of your sign-up package, you’ll receive access to:

  • 12 Weeks of Weekly Video Lessons (Released on Fridays)
  • Live Zoom Group Calls Every Week
  • The Private NOW WHAT Facebook Community
  • Additional Exercises and Worksheets
  • A Self-Check Weekly Reflection
  • Actionable Self Care Tips and a Custom Daily Routine
  • All the Content, Handouts and Guides – Forever


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