How a Lab Work Can Save Your Life?

How a Lab Work Can Save Your Life?

One’s health is something everyone treasures these days. To be able to know that you are indeed healthy, complete blood work is needed to assess the condition of the whole body.

Here are some basic tests and their benefits for guidance.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) – is necessary as it evaluates the circulation of red and white blood cells including the platelets. It detects diseases that may be present like infections, leukemia, or anemia and gives the physician a good preview of any medical condition.

Lipid Profile – this serves as an initial or pre-screening for abnormal function of the lipids, namely triglycerides and cholesterol.

Also, an indication of fat that can build up in the blood vessel walls producing an obstruction which can be fatal.

Glucose Test – a good blood work to estimate or measure the sugar level in the blood at a given or for a prolonged period of time.
Liver Tests – measure the enzymes released by the liver. This is the body’s response to a damage leading to a disease and checks the integrity of the liver’s function.

Blood urea nitrogen – determines how well the kidneys are working. Since the urea nitrogen comes from the liver going to the kidneys by way of the bloodstream, this is important to know if the two organs are working harmoniously.

Uric Acid – in case there is a history of gout in the family, this is the best test to detect and measure any high level of uric acid in the blood. If there is an increased level, it may also manifest in the urine.

Going to the lab for blood work is probably the best gift you can give yourself or your family. You may dread going to the lab but, in the end, it will surely save your life.

Keeping healthy means regular checking of the blood for the doctor to know how your body is coping especially with today’s global condition. 

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Gilbert Marcano
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