What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a type of care that offers a more patient-centered view of medicine. It is a systems biology-based approach. It seeks to identify the root cause of a disease.

There may be different symptoms, with different diagnoses, but they all may be contributing to a person’s illness.

Depression, for example, may be caused by multiple factors such as inflammation.

Many things can impact a person’s symptoms. Environment and lifestyle play a role, but a person’s genes also influence both the condition and the treatment. Functional medicine looks at the big picture that includes all of these factors.

Because functional medicine is centered on the patient, it delivers personalized and effective care. Functional medicine providers take the time to listen to a patient.

They look at the medical history and try to identify the cause (or causes) of an illness. These triggers can be things such as stress and poor nutrition, but also genetics and what bacteria are living in the patient’s body.

Once a functional medicine provider identifies the root cause(s) of the illness, they customize a treatment plan.

The plan is designed to specifically fit the patient’s life and approaches the treatment through many aspects of a person’s life. These include nutrition, sleep habits, and stressors (as well as where those stressors are coming from.

Patients, many of whom have had previously unsuccessful treatments, have had dramatic results. Instead of just treating the symptom, functional medicine looks at the question of why a person is ill.

Thrive Functional Wellness is located in La Quinta, California. We can provide you with a personalized plan. 

Our holistic wellness programs include:

· Autoimmune Wellness Program,
· Hormonal Imbalances Wellness Program, · Diabetes Wellness Program,
· Weight Loss Wellness Program,
· Functional Medicine Health Coaching

At Thrive Functional Wellness, we are passionate about your holistic well-being. We can help you take control of your illness, and take back your life by educating you, and empowering you to live a happier and healthier life. 

Lorrie Rappe
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