Stress, Hormone & Immunity – presented by Dr. Rappe

Stress, Hormone & Immunity – presented by Dr. Rappe

Learn more about how the Thrive Functional Wellness Center team utilizes a truly holistic approach to effectively and naturally address Stress, Hormones, and Immunity.

Signs of a hormonal imbalance or chronic inflammation can include:

-Aching joints

-Swelling and bloating

-Feeling unwell or fatigued

-Having trouble concentrating and thinking quickly

-Skin issues, like rashes

-Getting sick constantly

-Stomach pain

-And more

Most people do not realize that signs of hormonal issues, inflammation or poor immunity are merely an indicator of a bigger health issue, which may include:

-gut health issues

-immune imbalances

-exposure to toxic chemicals over a long period of time

-food sensitivities

-sleep trouble


-autoimmune conditions

-and more

This fun, informative, and useful lecture will focus on the underlying reasons that men and women struggle with stress, hormones, inflammation, and poor immunity. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about how functional medicine gets to the root of the problem to transform bodies and lives.

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