Thyroid Online Webinar

Thyroid Online Webinar

The thyroid is a tiny but mighty gland located in the center of your neck, and it is the master of our metabolism. Unfortunately, as many as 25 million Americans have a thyroid problem, and have no idea. If your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, neither are you.

A few common symptoms of thyroid and hormonal imbalance are:

– Dry skin and hair

– Hair loss

– Snoring

– Fatigue

– Forgetfulness

– Irregular menstrual periods

– Hoarse voice

– Inability to tolerate cold

– Weight gain or weight loss

– Irritability

– Depression

– Rapid heartbeat

– Problems falling asleep/sleeping through the night/needing naps throughout the day

… among others

Join Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Rappe, D.C for a free one-hour talk about thyroid and hormonal issues and how they impact your overall health. Dr. Rappe, D.C. will share his personal story of living with Hashimoto’s disease, and how he weaves 30 years of clinical and holistic experience to each of his clients. He will dive into the major symptoms of thyroid and hormone dysfunction, and how if not properly healed, they can manifest into chronic illness.

During the event attendees will learn:

– How the health of our thyroid determines our energy
level, mood, and weight.

– Learn about Hashimoto’s disease and Graves disease.

– How to identify symptoms caused by thyroid issues and
hormonal imbalance.

– Learn about holistic options available to you.

Registered attendees will also have an opportunity to meet our team, tour our clinic and ask the doctor any questions you may have during a brief Q & A at the end of the talk.

Thrive Functional Wellness Center is considered the region’s expert in holistic care and is focused on a more proactive, natural approach to health. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our truly holistic approach and, most importantly, help you take the first step to optimizing your health.

Lorrie Rappe
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